About Ross Soleil-Palmer

Ross Soleil-Palmer with "Mountain View Of Peace, Joy and Love"

Ross Soleil-Palmer was born in 1995 along with his twin brother, Andrew.  The twins were born three months early due to complications which could not have been predicted.

Ross’ mother, Raya, says, “Ross had a birth defect that I believe Andrew realized and so hastened the birth to get his brother the help he required.”


The boys were in intensive care for a long time.  Andrew had to let go after 4 ½ months of a very brave battle and Ross stayed in the hospital for 6 months before being released to come home.  In spite of a poor prognosis, Ross’ mother refused to accept the inevitability of what she was told.  She knew her boys best.


Raya, “They were the strongest not the weakest, as their desire and ability to overcome the challenges they encountered during their long hospital stay showed their intense desire to remain here on Earth.”


Ross’ fragile immune system required many rounds of constant antibiotics and reverse isolation to eventually become stabilized.  Over time, his system strengthened and his challenges then became the cerebral palsy and the functional blindness that resulted from his early start and the various complications his system had gone through.


Through his mother’s untiring work, Ross, still a teenager, is well on his way to becoming a productive member of society and has exhibited some extraordinary skills such as the ability to memorize whole books and create astonishing vivid and emotive paintings in different media.

Last year he was discovered by a generous couple here in Santa Fe, Jerry and Frances Freeman, who sponsored his very first art show, public reciting and auction.  It was an incredible success. He said that the best part of it for him was the stories he read to the many gathered attendees.  As Ross spoke his two favorite angel stories, there were few dry eyes to be found.  It is clear to anyone who meets him that he means what he says about bringing Peace to Earth.  He cares deeply for his mission and to those who have come to know and love him, there is no doubt he will accomplish all he has come here to do.


Raya says, “Ross has always been an extremely hard worker as it takes him longer to do many things others might take for granted.  Like the old fable of the tortoise and the hare he always finishes the race.”  Ross has two very loving homes between his mother and his father, Rick.  The support and love he receives is mirrored back from him a thousand fold as he has known for some time that his mission on earth is to bring Peace and Harmony to those who live here.



When Ross was 16, it became evident that he had a talent for painting.  Because he has limited sight, bright colors and light have always drawn his focus.  With the help of a wonderful art therapist, Sandi Wright of Santa Fe, he began to paint landscapes and abstracts from his imagination that amaze those who see them.  Listening to music and talking about feelings, he paints his love and light on to canvas for others to see and enjoy.


Ross says often, “Smile by smile, we can have Peace on Earth.”