Join Ross on his challenging and inspiring journey.
A Gift of Love.


Ross has been working on his art now for over three years.  He likes to work with acrylics and sometimes mixed media to create the result he desires.  He has a talent for landscapes and placement of color that has surprised many, even those who have known him all his life.

What makes his art so very unique is that Ross is both functionally blind and physically challenged.

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Ross is also a very gifted storyteller.  He was the first child ever to record books for the “Library for the Blind and Physically Challenged” in Santa Fe and has committed over 100 books to memory since the age of three.

He is not able to see the written word without special equipment so all that has been memorized came from auditory input. 

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Ross has realized from a very early age that he is here to assist in bringing about Peace on Earth.  He has said on numerous occasions that he wants to be a color therapist and one can see that, through his art, he is well on his way to that goal.

He's developed a painting technique that enables the sightless to tactilely appreciate his paintings and his storytelling is much in demand.

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